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Humans are social creatures; nothing is more proof of this than the variety of languages we have invented purely to communicate with each other.

See below some amazing facts from around the world:

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The Silbo language of La Gomera on the Spanish coast is completly sung in whistles. Vowels and consonants and distingusidhed by dips and rises in a whistled melody and sung together they form a sentence.

When speaking, Italians hold their hands high up and display what seems like affectionate touching. But is more of way of stopping the listener from interjecting. To interrupt, grab a hold of their hands.

Indigenous Andamanese languages, spoken on the Andaman Islands of India, base all their nouns on body parts.

No one knows anything about the Sentinelese language as the people who speak it live on an isolated island and are hostile to outsiders.

In Greece, “no” is signaled by titing your head upward of raising eyebrows. “Yes” is signaled by titing the head of either side.

Swedish, Finish, and Norwegian languages do not containg a word for “please”.

In English, we call the languages Dutch when it is actualy called “Netherlands” by its native speakers, while we call their neighbor’s language German when the native speakers call it Deutsch.

In the Korean language, Seoul, the South Korean capital literally means “the capital.”

There are 100 synonyms for the word “elephant” in Sanskirt (spoken in the Uttarakhand state of India).

There are no words for “yes” or “no” in the Irish (Gaeilge) language.

Can’t get enough of our language facts?

What Native American language resembles Japanese?

What European writing has been found in Nova Scotia dating back 1000 years?

Join us in February for part 2, when we will feature even more amazing language facts from around the word.

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Language facts

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