Our latest GSA Contract!


Taking our interpretation to the sky! I recently had an opportunity to get out in the field and watch my interpreters in action. It was a great pleasure to visit the training facility at Crestview and meet my interpreters, the students and instructors, as well as the contracting officers overseeing the GSA contract. The experience reminded me just why we do what we do… find the right specialized interpreters for specific events so that everyone can engage and have a fulfilling and productive experience. 🙂 But I also asked one of my amazing Spanish interpreters, Damaris, for her perspective on…

Broad & Specialized! 😎

Broad & specialized!

Interpreter is a broad occupation, encompassing any professional facilitating, through speech, communication between parties that don’t speak the same language. But did you know there are many types of interpreters?   – Trained in specialized legal terminology and court procedures. – Interprets during trials, hearings, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, client/attorney meetings, etc. – Familiarity and strict adherence to the court interpreters’ code of ethics is a must. – Interprets during doctor & ER visits, clinical trials, psychological evaluations, etc. – Interprets for patients communicating with their doctors, nurses, psychologists, surgeons, etc. – Trained in specialized medical terminology and procedures related to…

Are interpreters really necessary?


Are interpreters really necessary? In 1980, a Florida hospital admitted an unconscious Willie Ramirez. The ER doctor recalls having trouble understanding the family but getting the “gist” of what they were saying. However, an erroneous translation of a single word from Spanish to English resulted in Willie Ramirez becoming a quadriplegic and the hospital facing a massive lawsuit. The Spanish word “intoxicado” means that something that was ingested is making a person sick (such as food poisoning). However, without a translator, the doctor understood it to mean “intoxicated” in English which led him to assume a drug overdose after speaking…

Conference Interpreting and the art of simultaneous interpretation


Flawless communication is essential for a successful event. Multilingual events are becoming more mainstream in today’s society and language barriers could easily interfere with your event’s success if you do not acquire professional and experienced interpreters. Conference interpreters (often working in teams) flawlessly convert a speaker’s message from one language into another, in real-time, while still preserving the meaning, tone, and nuance of the speaker. This method used by conference interpreters is called simultaneous interpretation. What is simultaneous interpretation? Simultaneous interpreters translate orally in real-time, lagging only a few seconds behind the speaker. They usually interpret for an audience, and…

Medical Interpreters vs Legal Interpreters

Medical Interpreters vs Legal Interpreters

Interpreting is critical to fostering effective communication between speakers of different languages. It is most crucial in the medical and legal fields because even a minor miscommunication can be the difference between life and death or freedom and prison. However, despite many similarities, legal and medical interpreters perform vastly different jobs. Modes of Interpretation Sight Translation Locations Who do they interpret for? Types of Appearances Certification? Academic Requirements Role of Interpreter* * The role an interpreter plays in medical settings differs somewhat from that in legal settings. All interpreters aid in the communication between two or more parties speaking different…

Interpreting Price Logistics

Interpreting Price Logistics

How to Interpreting Market works and Interpreting Price Logistics. Interpreter’s Hourly Rate = Language/Dialect Average interpreter rates in any given area vary based on the language and geographical region. The differences will be based on how common the language is in that particular area, how many other interpreters are competing for assignments, regional cost of living, as well as a variety of other variables. Type of Setting Rates will differ based on the function the interpreter will be playing in a proceeding. A statement under oath or a setting with a large audience will generally carry a higher hourly rate…

Interpreter’s Life

Interpreters day

Ever wondered what an interpreter does all day? 7:45 AM Last look in the mirror at my professional attire. Yes, everything is perfectly in place. Can’t forget my work bag with my notepad, dictionary, and bottled water. Heading for a deposition. Only 25 miles away but lots of traffic this morning, and, oh, took a wrong turn back there. Will I get there on time by 9am? It’s a new client so I want to make a good impression. 8:25 AM Arrived. (insert space between “arrived… but”) But the parking is challenging. Circle around the block a few times and,…


About us

LEGAL INTERPRETERS LLC is an interpreting agency founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. Agata Baczyk has been working as an independent interpreter for several years and decided to start her own interpreting agency in order to address the industry's need for professional and experienced interpreters. Most interpreting agencies are not able to screen or assess their interpreters effectively because they don't have the needed tools and knowledge of what that job entails. As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the linguists we contract with are knowledgeable and experienced.