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Foreign language transcription is the process of taking spoken words on an audio or video recording in one language and converting them into written text in another language.   Here are some recent transcriptions we’ve worked on: Languages: Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin, & English     Date: January 2018 Click on the image above for more information! Not all oral languages have a long history of developing side-by-side with their written counterparts. This poses an additional difficulty for transcribers when, like in Yoruba, there is a vast difference between written-literary Yoruba and the slang or common/spoken Yoruba. Add to that 200 possible sub-dialects, a…



Audio Transcription is the process of taking spoken words on an audio or video recording and converting them into written text. Basic transcription involves only 1 language; English audio converted into English text. Foreign language transcription includes a translation element; Converts audio heard in one language into written text in another language. Foreign Language Transcription FAQs: 1. How much work is needed to complete a transcription? There are various factors that determine the amount of work needed in order to complete a transcription; however, generally speaking, 1 minute of audio takes about 25 minutes of work. 1 minute of audio…


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LEGAL INTERPRETERS LLC is an interpreting agency founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. Agata Baczyk has been working as an independent interpreter for several years and decided to start her own interpreting agency in order to address the industry's need for professional and experienced interpreters. Most interpreting agencies are not able to screen or assess their interpreters effectively because they don't have the needed tools and knowledge of what that job entails. As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the linguists we contract with are knowledgeable and experienced.