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The language of the Native American Zuni tribe resembles Japanese while research

Native AmericanJapanese Flag language facts
language facts Native American

confirms biological similarities between the groups.

Letter E

The letter “E” appears in 11% of the English language.

The Mazateco language (Southern Mexico) is a tonal language, the meaning of words change based on inflection. For example, the tonal differences when pronouncing “si te” change the meaning: “he spins a top,” “he will spin a top,” “she pats tortillas,” “she will pat tortillas,” “I spin a top,” “I will pat tortillas,” “I spin a top,” “I will pat tortillas,” “we will spin a top,” “we pat tortillas.”Tortillas

Hungarian writing has been found in Nova Scotia dating back to the year 1000, language facts Sailinglong before Columbus sailed to the Americas.

Hand OK Hand OK

Finish is known for its double letters; in some cases, missing a letter can drastically change the meaning. For example, “tapaan” means “I meet” but just by dropping one of the double a’s (tapan), it now means “I kill.”

Language facts

Language facts

Language facts

Language facts

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