Broad & Specialized! 😎

Broad & specialized!

Interpreter is a broad occupation, encompassing any professional facilitating, through speech, communication between parties that don’t speak the same language. But did you know there are many types of interpreters?



– Trained in specialized legal terminology and court procedures.
– Interprets during trials, hearings, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, client/attorney meetings, etc.
– Familiarity and strict adherence to the court interpreters’ code of ethics is a must.


– Interprets during doctor & ER visits, clinical trials, psychological evaluations, etc.
– Interprets for patients communicating with their doctors, nurses, psychologists, surgeons, etc.
– Trained in specialized medical terminology and procedures related to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
– Limited role of a patient advocate when the patient’s health or life is at risk (medical settings allow the interpreter to step-in and protect or help the LEP in other capacities than only interpreting).


– Used for a variety of specialty fields such as pharmaceutical, technical, engineering, international politics, finance, automotive, oil & gas, computers, etc.
– Develops extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, and highly specialized terminology in a limited number of fields.
– Interprets for speakers, panels, question & answer sessions, etc.
– Highly skilled in simultaneous interpretation for large audiences.


– Interprets for a single individual or a small group of individuals, such as a delegation or tour.
– Aids visitors during travel, special events, and more informal gatherings.


– Keeps up with the newest terminology and news on current politics, arts, culture, sports, important people, etc.
– Interprets for live or taped television or radio, during press conferences and interviews.

6_military Interpreter

– Assists in intelligence gathering, such as monitoring of wire-taps.
– Interprets for military personnel on the ground when communicating with locals or for military command during delegations or visits.
– Trained in local dialects, customs, and cultures (including formal and informal speech).

7_comunity Interpreter

– Trained in terminology related to a variety of public services.
– Interprets in fields such as education, social services, public relations, local government, unions, police departments, etc.
– Maneuvers around any cultural barriers to accessing these services.

No single interpreter is trained and experienced to interpret in every situation. When booking your interpreter, Legal Interpreters LLC ensures their training and experience are the right fit for you.

interpreter specialized languages

interpreter specialized languages

About us

LEGAL INTERPRETERS LLC is an interpreting agency founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. Agata Baczyk has been working as an independent interpreter for several years and decided to start her own interpreting agency in order to address the industry's need for professional and experienced interpreters. Most interpreting agencies are not able to screen or assess their interpreters effectively because they don't have the needed tools and knowledge of what that job entails. As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the linguists we contract with are knowledgeable and experienced.


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