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language facts

Humans are social creatures; nothing is more proof of this than the variety of languages we have invented purely to communicate with each other. See below some amazing facts from around the world: In Albanian, there are 27 words for “mustache,” including “dirs ur” meaning teenager’s newly developed mustache. Since Russian is the international language of space, all astronauts must learn the language at an intermidiate-high level before heading for the International Space Station. Even the simulator runs only in Russian! There are no vowels in the Hebrew language. Vowels are implicit but may be added to children’s books and…

Rare Languages

Rare langauges

There are approximately 350 languages spoken in the United States. Only 162 of those languages are indigenous to the United States. Can you find the right interpreter? Karen The Karen language lacks terminology for many modern concepts and technologies. For instance, there are no names for car parts as they do not drive motorized vehicles in the mountains where they come from. So, they will often use gestures and describe a car part as “thing” with a classifier such as “long,” “flat,” “round,” etc. Kekchi/Q’eqchi The Kekchi/Q’eqchi’ people are concrete thinkers preferring to answer straight-forward and detail-oriented questions rather than…


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