Machine vs Human

It is no surprise that machine and neural network translations have improved greatly in the last decade. On many levels, they seem to approach human translation capabilities. This has mainly occurred due to the extraordinary breakthroughs in machine translation and artificial intelligence.


How are machine translations assessed?


Studies conducted using these methods found few differences between machine and human translations. But the problem with these assessments is that they are done at the sentence level.
They do not take into account the document as a whole.

So, researchers started conducting studies that looked at adequacy and fluency at the document level and found…


that at this level human translations are better than machine translations!!!

Researchers at University of Zurich that conducted such study theorized about why they obtained such a different result.


“We hypothesize that document-level evaluation unveils errors such as mistranslation of an ambiguous word, or errors related to textual cohesion and coherence, which remain hard or impossible to spot in a sentence-level evaluation.”

Meaning that, currently, humans are still better at translation than computers. So when translating important documents, at least for now, using human translators will provide you with a better overall product.

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