India- A Linguistically Diverse Country

Did you know that only 43% of Indians are
native Hindi speakers?

With over 1.35 billion people comes great diversity, including linguistic diversity. Which is probably why India has identified 270 languages with more than 10,000 speakers according to their 2011 census. But 96.7% of India’s population speaks one of its 22 scheduled (official) languages natively.


Here are the top 10 most spoken
languages in India

Other languages include

Assamese: 15 million speakers

Maithili: 13.5 million speakers

Santhali: 7.3 million speakers

Tamil: 6.9 million speakers

Kashmiri: 6.8 million speakers

Nepali: 2.9 million speakers

Sindhi: 2.7 million speakers

Konkani: 2.3 million speakers

Manipuri: 1.7 million speakers

Dogri: 1.6 million speakers

Bodo: 1.4 million speakers

Sanskrit: 24,000 speakers*

* Despite the low number of modern native speakers, Sanskrit is a sacred language of Hinduism and classical Hindu philosophy. Its ancient origins can be traced to writings as early as 1500 BCE!

In addition to Hindi, English serves as a second official language of the Indian government.

Because of linguistic diversity, clients from India may speak a number of languages, including English. But it should never be assumed which language they feel most comfortable speaking when dealing with serious legal matters.

When in doubt, always ask. Then call us! We have experienced and qualified interpreters, regardless of which language your LEP needs.

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