Do’s And Don’ts of Translation


Have you ever been burned by a bad translation?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help!

Submitting a document for translation can be fraught with worry and a feeling of helplessness. But there are steps that clients can take to help ensure they receive the best quality product possible.

Just follow these simple tips…

Submitting illegible versions of your documents ALWAYS proves to be troublesome. It will delay the delivery date as well as decrease its accuracy which can have serious consequences for your case. Your best (and safest) option is to submit a legible version of your document, preferably by email. Additionally, whenever possible, submit an editable version of the document in a Microsoft Word, live PDF, or similar format. This will reduce the turnaround time of your project and ensure greater readability, and therefore accuracy.

Waiting until the last minute to have your project completed can be costly. Many translators charge a “rush fee” depending on how soon you need your translation completed. This time constraint also affects accuracy, reducing the time spent on proofreading by the translator or a second linguist. For best results allow your translator the time for multiple read-throughs and edits, as well as time to consult other linguists on any difficult passages or linguistic nuances.

Once you’ve hired a qualified and experienced translator, trust them! They are not only the language expert but a cultural authority, ensuring your translation will not only be linguistically but also culturally accurate. Beware of the pitfall of on-line translation tools, which tend to translate word for word. A truly accurate translation will take into account linguistic and cultural nuances and translate meaning for meaning, as well as pick up on subtleties and implied contexts.

The end goal is a quality translation that will flow clearly and naturally while retaining the source document’s original message, look, and intent.


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LEGAL INTERPRETERS LLC is an interpreting agency founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. Agata Baczyk has been working as an independent interpreter for several years and decided to start her own interpreting agency in order to address the industry's need for professional and experienced interpreters. Most interpreting agencies are not able to screen or assess their interpreters effectively because they don't have the needed tools and knowledge of what that job entails. As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the linguists we contract with are knowledgeable and experienced.


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