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What it takes to become Court Certified?

Court Certified has become a language services industry buzz word but it seems few people, other than the interpreters and the language service professionals, understand what is involved in the process and why court certified interpreters request higher fees than non-court certified interpreters. When hiring a certified interpreter, you are getting someone who has been vetted by the courts through a series of background checks, exams, and continuing education requirements. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the interpreter is more qualified or professional than a non-certified interpreter, but it does mean that an interpreter went through an arduous and costly process…

Translation Price Logistics

Translation Price Logistics

How the Translation Market works and Translation Price Logistics? Most translators calculate their charges per source word, meaning, each word contained in the original document (that requires translation) is counted and the total charge consists of the price per word multiplied by the total number of words. This formula is usually used when working with a Microsoft Word document or a live PDF. Sometimes, the translation is billed per page or per target word, which is the translated word count. Those alternate methods are usually used when the number of words cannot be calculated due to the file format, like a scanned…

Interpreting Price Logistics

Interpreting Price Logistics

How to Interpreting Market works and Interpreting Price Logistics. Interpreter’s Hourly Rate = Language/Dialect Average interpreter rates in any given area vary based on the language and geographical region. The differences will be based on how common the language is in that particular area, how many other interpreters are competing for assignments, regional cost of living, as well as a variety of other variables. Type of Setting Rates will differ based on the function the interpreter will be playing in a proceeding. A statement under oath or a setting with a large audience will generally carry a higher hourly rate…

Interpreter’s Life

Interpreters day

Ever wondered what an interpreter does all day? 7:45 AM Last look in the mirror at my professional attire. Yes, everything is perfectly in place. Can’t forget my work bag with my notepad, dictionary, and bottled water. Heading for a deposition. Only 25 miles away but lots of traffic this morning, and, oh, took a wrong turn back there. Will I get there on time by 9am? It’s a new client so I want to make a good impression. 8:25 AM Arrived. (insert space between “arrived… but”) But the parking is challenging. Circle around the block a few times and,…

Last minute request? No worries!

Last minute requests!

Didn’t realize you need an interpreter for your appointment tomorrow? Don’t worry! Our highly trained scheduling coordinators have extensive experience in locating your language interpreter within minutes. It is always better to book early but sometimes life happens. Either our clients don’t know they need an interpreter until last minute or just forget to schedule. Often, the appointment itself is scheduled last minute, or an interpreter scheduled by other means turns out to be under-qualified or a no-show. Regardless of the reason, we here at Legal Interpreters LLC are ready to help! Legal Interpreters LLC is equipped to handle any last minute…

Rare Languages

Rare langauges

There are approximately 350 languages spoken in the United States. Only 162 of those languages are indigenous to the United States. Can you find the right interpreter? Karen The Karen language lacks terminology for many modern concepts and technologies. For instance, there are no names for car parts as they do not drive motorized vehicles in the mountains where they come from. So, they will often use gestures and describe a car part as “thing” with a classifier such as “long,” “flat,” “round,” etc. Kekchi/Q’eqchi The Kekchi/Q’eqchi’ people are concrete thinkers preferring to answer straight-forward and detail-oriented questions rather than…

Face to Face vs Remote Interpreting

face to face vs remote interpreting

CAUTION ! Remote interpreting does not benefit every situation! Remote interpreting services connect human interpreters via telephone or video-conference (usually within seconds) to individuals or parties who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. Remote interpreting is quick and easy to schedule, but it may not be the best solution for your needs. Compared to face-to-face interpreting, it has some serious drawbacks including clarity of communication and limitations of existing technology. Body Language & Facial Expressions In all languages, body language and facial expressions make up a significant portion of communication. However, for some languages, it…

Do’s And Don’ts of Interpretation


Have you ever felt frustrated with booking an interpreter? Avoid any future frustrations by booking with us and by following these simple steps!Interpretation 1. Always book as early as possible. Qualified and affordable interpreters get booked early and may not be available for last minute assignments or may charge extra “last minute” fees. Also, keep in mind that there is a finite number of local interpreters, and obtaining an interpreter from another area will incur additional travel fees. There is also always the possibility that no interpreters will be available and your event would have to be rescheduled. 2. Interpretation in a…

Do’s And Don’ts of Translation


Have you ever been burned by a bad translation? Don’t worry. We’re here to help! Submitting a document for translation can be fraught with worry and a feeling of helplessness. But there are steps that clients can take to help ensure they receive the best quality product possible. Just follow these simple tips… Submitting illegible versions of your documents ALWAYS proves to be troublesome. It will delay the delivery date as well as decrease its accuracy which can have serious consequences for your case. Your best (and safest) option is to submit a legible version of your document, preferably by email….



Audio Transcription is the process of taking spoken words on an audio or video recording and converting them into written text. Basic transcription involves only 1 language; English audio converted into English text. Foreign language transcription includes a translation element; Converts audio heard in one language into written text in another language. Foreign Language Transcription FAQs: 1. How much work is needed to complete a transcription? There are various factors that determine the amount of work needed in order to complete a transcription; however, generally speaking, 1 minute of audio takes about 25 minutes of work. 1 minute of audio…


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LEGAL INTERPRETERS LLC is an interpreting agency founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. Agata Baczyk has been working as an independent interpreter for several years and decided to start her own interpreting agency in order to address the industry's need for professional and experienced interpreters. Most interpreting agencies are not able to screen or assess their interpreters effectively because they don't have the needed tools and knowledge of what that job entails. As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the linguists we contract with are knowledgeable and experienced.